Discovering Paphos’ Natural Landscape: Spotlight on Akamas

Sprawled out across the west coast of the island, the picturesque seaside town of Paphos perfectly exemplifies the natural beauty of Cyprus, with its lush, green hills flowing down to the golden sands and blue sea of the shore, with plenty of space to explore nature’s secrets hidden within its expanse.

And what better way to get to know a location than by discovering its natural surroundings?

Paphos is famously home to the Akamas peninsula: vast, wild and awe-inspiring, renting a four-wheel drive and taking off for the day (with lots of water and snacks in tow!) will deliver you to deserted beaches of crystal clear waters, amongst which is Lara Bay. A turtle breeding ground, visitors can learn about these remarkable creatures at a makeshift information shack.

Another treasure trove within this blanket of unspoiled beauty is Avakas Gorge. With sheer rock faces on either side of this 2.5km trail, comfortable shoes and a strong spirit is required to complete the hike, but the effort is worth it: rare plants and flowers line the pathway, making for a stunning vista. And keep a keen eye out perchance you spy a mouflon, a wild sheep species found exclusively in Cyprus: that would certainly be a holiday treat to remember!


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